Tips For Good Communication

7 Effective Tips For Good Communication


“The art of communication is the language of leadership”

We are living in 21st century the world of technology, and innovations. Few years back, communication was just a word but now communication becomes a compulsory requirement in organization and in the industries.

Here are the 7 effective tips for good communication

  1. Rearrange the ideas in your mind before you speak.
  2. Observe the listener carefully.
  3. Start your communication gently and politely. A happy face can bring more opportunities to speaker.
  4. Use medium (source of communication) according to situation and condition.
  5. Also use body gestures or different signs to explain your words.
  6. Be concrete, accurate and true about your words. This may help you to build trust on next person.
  7. After your words’ wait patiently and hope for positive feedback.
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