Ramadan 1439

The month of Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan cultivates the real soul of social feel, brotherhood and unity in a person. The month of Ramadan is full of blessings of ALLAH. It creates in a person the soul of forgiveness and also the feel of hunger and thirst creates love for the people who don’t have basic necessities. Ramadan teaches us how to create patience in ourselves.

It is compulsory to note that in Arabic, Fast is called “Sawm”, which means “to be at rest”. Islam has five pillars and one of them is fasting in Ramadan. During this month, every Believer of Islam has to fast from Dawn to Dusk, every day. Fast is useful to make ourselves better spiritually as well as it is very useful for our health.


This month of Ramadan is full of blessings of ALLAH. The word of Ramadan is a derivative of an Arabic word ramida which means strong heat which burns something, particularly the ground. So, the word Ramadan indicates the sense of warmness in the stomach. Psychologically, good deeds in the month of Ramadan burn out the sins same as the ground is been burned by the sun heat. During this month, the souls of Believers of Islam are more attracted towards the remembrance of Allah.

RAMADAN, the month of blessings:
  • In this month, the Qur’an was sent to the 1st sky from Lo-he-Mahfouz.
  • In Ramadan, there is a night called Laila-tul-Qadr, which has more worth than thousand months. One can find this night in the odd nights of last ten days of Ramadan.
  • The Sawab (Reward) of Nawafil is equal to the Farz of other months.
  • Ramadan teaches us patience instead of which the reward is Jannah.
  • The month teaches us how to become kind for the other people.
  • During Ramadan, the Rizq of Muslims is increased.
  • Allah has divided Ramadan into three parts. First Partis for the mercy of Allah, second part of Ramadan reflects the forgiveness of Allah and last or third part of Ramadan reflects the safety from very dangerous hell (Jahanum).
  • In the entire month of Ramadan the Blessings and Mercy of Allah Ta’ala descend upon Believers of Islam uninterruptedly.
  • This month is the most important month among all 12 months. It is the month for which the Muslims await with impatience. During Ramadan the Believers of Allah get busy in search of Allah’s protection from Hellfire and seeks His forgiveness and mercy.
Qur’an revealed in Ramadan

Whenever the Ramadan comes, pleasure and happiness return to the Muslim-e-Ummah, because Ramadan carries two of the great gifts of Allah, named as:

  • The fasting in this month.
  • The celebration because Qur’an was revealed in this month.

Fasting is a great expression of Allah which takes the Muslims near the blessings of His mercy, and a basic to uncouple the secrecies of His nearness. Fasting is the way through which there is a direct communication between the Allah and his believers. Through this act of worship self-strength, self-rebuilding, self-discipline self-worth and self-control can be developed.

For a Muslim, fasting is not only the name of refraining from food, but also abstaining from all sins and evils committed by us intentionally or unintentionally. For this, it is believed that if one volunteer to abstain from permitted foods and sex, this is easy to avoid unpermitted actions or things during the whole year.


There are causes and logic behind every order in Islam, no matter how small the order is. This is possible to identify the logic behind some orders or acts, and we may never know about the others. Salaat is a daily training for refining the believer and retelling him or her that he or she is a part of a community of Muslims. But on the other hand, fasting is an annual training containing all believable attributes for human brilliance. This is not only a training for the soul but also for the body, a restoration of life, boosting the spirit of forgiving and sharing.

Behavior Reform

This is possible for a person with fast to control his or her actions. To alter or switch a habit is to impose a war on oneself. Jihad is obligatory on every Muslim because it is the highest peak of the spirit in Islam, and it involves changing habits, then fasting is like a training for the unavoidable that will occur. The believer cannot impose a war and expect to conquest a rival if he or she cannot impose a war against his or her own soul. The person who avoids the consumption of drink and food, it will unquestionably be easy for him or her to avoid other bad habits which even restricted in other months of the year. If a person can control his or her all parts of the body, it will be easy for him or her to remain like that for the whole year.

Heath Benefits

The fast aids to correct the problem of fatness and diabetes. Doctors suggest their patients to do fasting as a treatment for sure ailments. Some ailments start from stomach. A physician from America issued a report on fasting and its reimbursements saying:

“It is compulsory for every person to avoid from food for few days in a year whether he is poor or wealthy because if bacteria in our body find food in abundance, it will multiply and grow. But with the help of fasting it can become weak.”

He then acclaimed Islam as Islam should be considering as the wisest religion, because by making the fasting mandatory the health care is mandated.

Muhammad Junaid Ibrahim

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