Dance can express emotions

Dance Can Express Emotions


Dance can express emotions

Dance can express emotions. The dance instructors have conducted experiments about it. The dancers were asked to dance impromptu. They did not have any preparation.

The instructors wanted them to perform any kind of dance. And it was all up to the dancers. The instructors believe that dance movements express a feeling. If the dancers were asked to dance impromptu, it means the movements are pure. From the ten dancers, three expressed anger. They did not deny it. They were a bit mad when their instructor called them up while they were hanging out.

Two others expressed sadness. They were having problems with their parents and family while they were called up to dance. The rest expressed joy. They not mind to perform dance in any situation. Dance made them happy, they said. Even though they are tired of things, if it is about dance, they are happy. Those five people are the most excited.

When the instructors turn the music on, turn the volume up, they started to dance. Then finally the dance instructors have the answer. Dance can really express feeling.

Kojima in Sawada said :

if a person has no heart, the person does not know how to dance.

Since dance expressed the genuine heart feeling. And the dancers prove that. If a person learns how to dance, the person learns their own character. And it is lead to a genuine heart feeling.

Source  :  Kojima, R., Nomura., & Kida, N. (2015) Expressing joy through hip – hop dance steps : Focus on new jack swing. Japan : Kyoto Institute of Technology.

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