poem waiting

Poem: I’ll waiting


In solitude my night awaits your presence
In the darkness of the night I look forward to the beautiful glow of your face
In the rain I standalone waiting for you to hug my body tightly
And in the hot sun I look forward to you dim my gaze

I hope he will light my dark heart
And make me a beautiful beam of light
I hope he always by my side every time
And make me special in your heart
I always wait for him on every breath

Dear evening breeze
Convey this I miss him
Convey this I feel him
Convey this I love him
I want him to know what I feel for him

Dear God
I waited for that moment to arrive
The time he came to me,
The time he looked at me
The moment when he hold my hand.
When he hugged me tightly and saying I love you.


Resty meliana

3 thoughts on “Poem: I’ll waiting

  1. Hearing her poem has helped comfort me somehow right now, as I ve really been struggling with how lonely I feel and have been feeling fearful of how I d even consider dating this guy I know who liked me at one point. He s not a bad guy, and he s Christian, and I m not unattracted to him. But I ve never felt like it would really be a right (or THE right) relationship for me. I at least know what I want my future husband to be like, and he never fit the bill, but I m just so sad and alone feeling right now that the thought of even him hugging me is something that would be nice. But I know it s just not right, so I feel like I shouldn t do it. It s really hard to wait, and I m sure I will feel discouraged all over again by tomorrow, but I feel like it really is the right thing to wait.

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