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New Jobs For Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis In UAE


Inflow of new companies continued into Dubai as the economic activity improved in the month of February, resulting in more than 8,500 jobs creations by the new companies, official figures showed on March 11.

According to the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, 2,204 new licenses were issued in February 2019 as compared to 1,606 in February 2018, which is a growth of 37 per cent.

Among the new licenses issued, 61.1 per cent were commercial, 36.5 per cent professional, 1.7 per cent related to tourism and 0.7 per cent industry. The new licenses created 8,515 jobs in Dubai, DED said in a press statement on Monday (March 11).

The report also showed that the top nationalities who secured licenses in February 2019 were India, followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Britain, China, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and France.

The survey results revealed that among nationalities commanding a significant share of the UAE hiring activity, Indian and Pakistani professionals have seen the biggest surge in interest from employers over the past year, followed by those from the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Data from the Department of Economic Development revealed that trade and repair services accounted for 33.9 per cent of the new licenses issued in February 2019 followed by real estate, leasing & business services (26.8 per cent), building & construction (14.7 per cent), community & personal services (10.7 per cent), hotels group (4.4 per cent), transport, storage & communications (3.4 per cent), manufacturing (2.7 per cent) and others. This means that most of new jobs were also created in these sectors.

Where most jobs are

  • Construction
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Transport, storage and communication

More jobs coming

Gilmore said he expects the employment situation to improve next year, adding that there will be more demand for skilled professionals, including designers, architects and engineers, among others.

“Expo 2020 will see more construction starts with the various country pavilions. There will be an uplift in demand for designers and architects/QS/ civil engineers,” said Gilmore.

Source: Khaleej Time and Gulf News


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