Mi Smart Sensor

Mi Smart Sensor Set Automate your home


Mi Control Hub / Mi Window and Door Sensor

Mi Wireless Switch / Mi Motion Sensor

Mi Control Hub

The control center of your smart home

Mi Control Hub is like the brain of your smart home ecosystem. Pair it with your other Mi Home devices and set rules for their behavior. You can even set up a chain reaction of commands—the possibilities are endless.

  • 16 million color-tunable LED.
  • Customised ringtones uploaded.
  • Long-range control.
  • Connect sensors and other smart devices.

Mi Window and Door Sensor

Smarter security keeps your home safe

Set your lights to turn on automatically as you come home. Go to bed knowing that you will be alerted by the Mi Home Gateway alarm and your phone if the door or window is opened. Technology does not just make life easier, it makes life safer.

  • Window open alarm.
  • Intelligent sensor.
  • Interacts with other devices.

Automatically adjust the air purifier when the window is opened to save energy.

Mi Wireless Switch

One switch controls multiple devices

Take Mi Wireless switch around with you anywhere in the home and customize how you can use its features: single tap, double tap, and long press can all be assigned different functions, so you can control multiple devices with just one switch.

  • No set-up.
  • One tap to turn other smart devices on or off.
  • Place anywhere.

Mi Motion Sensor

Automatically recognizes the motion of people and pets

Mi Motion Sensor uses infrared technology to recognize the motion of people or pets in your home. Made from high-quality, fire resistant material, the sensor is safe and eco-friendly. The polyolefin lens is capable of high precision light intake. There’s a lot this little sensor can do to make life easier.

  • Motion detection.
  • Custom device activation.
  • Entry alarm.
  • Place anywhere.
  • Lights up automatically when you wake up during the night.
  • Notifies you when your pet come in or out of the home.
  • Small and discreet to make home life a little smarter.

Simple 3-step setup

Once you have paired with your Mi Control Hub, simply connect the hub to your Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to go.

  • Plug the Mi Control Hub into a power outlet.
  • Open the Mi Home app. In the upper right corner, press the “+” and add the Mi Control Hub.
  • Set up the sensors in your home wherever you need them.
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