Harley Davidson Electric

Harley-Davidson Brings its First Electric Motorcycle

Excitement keeps building around the electrification of motorcycles. Harley-Davidson is thrilled to be leading the way in this upcoming product segment. Next week, the company will be appearing at the Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. On March 5, Harley-Davidson will share its next steps in the electrification of two-wheels, including more information about […]

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improve focus decreased stress by motorcycling

Riding a Motorcycle Improved Metrics of Focus and Decreased Stress Bio markers

Motorcyclists have long championed riding as their main road to stress relief and positive mental health. Today, the results of a neurobiological study conducted by a team of three researchers from UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior yielded pioneering scientific evidence revealing the potential mental and physical benefits of riding. Funded by Harley-Davidson, […]

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