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Playing Tactic


Once there was actually a two-party system in Pakistan, like back to 90’s a simple method was espoused one in Govt and other will be in approachable opposition which was mostly a Govt “ B” Team.

Now when IK is in power and he has actually cracked two party system and set a unaffected opposition in last five years, the two major parties are now in a deep trouble even they were in govt and now in oppositions. Let me repeat you the gloomiest words of Khurshid Shah when he was talking to the parliament session yesterday ( جناب سپیکر شدید تکلیف ہو رہی ہے)

They were truly not expecting kind of Fawad Ch speech when he was doing last 10 years govt postpartum. Mr. Chaudhary has done his dazzling job in last two assemblies and I really felt that now the Mr. Prime minster IK counselled his playing eleven to bowl antagonistically to put pressure on the opposition.

After observing and listing Mr. Chaudry’s speech i really believe that it was pre planned govt agenda to put a enormous pressure on the opposition and said I am sorry once needed, and Mr. Chaudry has done after his speech and when opposition boycotted last day assembly.

A Great tactic I for myself feel, it really works in coming days, Now the govt has to ask their out spoken players to play power play in every session otherwise rivals like playing hundred will strapped them back and will take to the cleaners.

Sardar Zubair

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