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Pakistan foreign policy front


Starting from the day Pakistan’s foreign policy has been a victim of the crisis. If previous governments, we talk, we can see that Pakistan has failed on the diplomatic front. After the incident of 9/11 Pakistan had imposed a jump in battle, the consequences whole nation is still bearing.

Pakistan has sacrificed the lives of 75,000 and even loss of 125 billion rupees. This in turn is equivalent to the aid of salt despite the sacrifices that Pakistan is the world understand the place of refuge for terrorists and the main reason is the weakness of the external frontier of Pakistan. The world is perceived tells us to do more and we are used as hired guns. If we talk about last 5 years, Mr. Nawaz sharif did not appoint any foreign minister, last year of his government Khawaja Asif was appointed as Foreign minister but was indexed rather than bad situation better. Pakistan failed to convince the world that Pakistan has suffered most in the war on terror.

Pakistan has been failed to build good relation with Saudia, UAE and Iran and that was too necessary to counter India and Israel. Despite the best relationship with the countries of the military leadership of Pakistan’s previous government could not take advantage of it. Pakistan was tremendous on the foreign front after Imran Khan’s power. Imran Khan has successful visit to Saudi Arabia, UAE and China, even Malaysia. Saudi Arabia has $ 3 billion in aid to Pakistan to get immediate financial crisis.

Malyisa, UAE and China turned away and signaled to further invest in the future. America who was always demanding to do more is now appealing to Pakistan to use its influence with Taliban to have talk with America and now the negotiation is being started in Qatar with the help of Pakistan.

Many multinational companies have, including Pepsi, Coke, Suzuki further investment after meeting with Mr. Khan in PM house few days ago. British Airways was closed 10 years ago in Pakistan, which has been officially announced to resume and that is just because of Imran khan’s successful foreign policy and his personal influence around the world.

Imran Khan is the trusted Government of Pakistan is being kept up in the narrative. On a page of political and military leadership of Pakistan has come to a better position on the external front. The passport is coming up in the world rankings.

Good time is not far when Pakistan will decide the fate of the world. We wish and prayer for more better Pakistan as it was in 2018.

Written by Sardar Zubair


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