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Homeless got homes

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In the history of last 70 years no body was aware about the notion of Islamic welfare state, what does Islamic state truly means. Zia termed about that he was a good and godly man. Ban on alcohol, to a non-Muslim Ahmadiya, organized prayer in public offices that was make sure in Zia tenancy.

Every government has its jingle about the welfare and progress of the common people in Pakistan, their election movement every party has its slogan like that. To get rid from poverty and restoration, development and creating affluence for a poor person was slogan but it never comes true, that was always a over and done dream.

Imran khan was the opening leader who familiarized Islamic welfare state and that was the ever first time a common person really knows about what does it mean.

One day Imran khan saw a photo on social media that a poor family is sleeping on road in one single blanket, that was a defining moment for the poor people and the people who works daily and eat daily.

A survey says, on ranking of homeless people Pakistan is on number 106 out of 119 and 70% of the total population is living their lives below the line of poverty.

After seeing this snapshot of that poor family IK has ordered to his Chief minister Punjab Mr. Usman Buzdaar to take care of this family immediately and construct Shelter homes (Pnagaah) for all those who can’t afford homes, hostels even rented bed after doing their daily jobs. Usman Buzdaar has done the intense job within short period and IK has inaugurated newly build Panagaah in Lahore. That was really a momentous job   which was done ever first in Pakistan history.


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