poem longing

Poem: Longing


Dear morning dew
Convey my longing for him
As cold as his breath, catch his smile and water the fibers of his life.

Dear seagull
Convey my longing for him
Sing a happy song for his world, cheer up his face and keep his step.

Dear flowers and leaves
Convey my longing for him
Pamper yourself in his activities, coloring the wave of his hand and refresh his mind.

Dear sun
Tell him if I miss him
Bright his day every time he is exhausted, warms all his smiles and laughter and shining the charisma of his face.

Dear dusk
Convey my longing for him
Calm his mind, soften his anger, calm his emotions, and calm all his gazes.

Dear moon and stars
Convey my longing for him
Keep his sleep, hold all his tired, let go of his problem with the night blanket.

Tell him everything if I miss him
I was too far away to reach him and I was too weak to run.
I’m too stupid to pretend and I’m too proud to admit
I was too afraid to say it and I was too low not to hope.

Convey my longing for him.
Through each of your guard every day.
On every morning, afternoon and night
In each of your power about all his decisions
In each of your interventions in his happiness and sadness.
Convey my longing for him and Amen His Prayer.
Embrace all of his dreams.

I just want to see his smile for me … once again…

Fristy N Lita

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