poem I give up

Poem: I Give Up



The one who can make me survive
Able to make me hope with expectations
Able to make me wait with time
And now you just leave many questions in my mind


Are you really love me with your heart
Or is it just to drop by and playing with my feelings
You come in when you need and you go when you bored, you even don’t care about me


I have always been waiting for you
I always miss you
I always need you
I always love you
But it wasn’t important to you


You are a dream that will never let me out of reach
and now I give up…
It’s not that I don’t love you anymore
but I’m tired of it


Up to this point your choice is not ‘me’ and in the end
it was going to take off without a message
Thank u for everything I’m releasing you to go

Resty meliana
Image Courtesy by Osama Ather

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