WAPDA Complaints

WAPDA Complaints


Prime Minister Imran Khan gives good tidings to the people of WAPDA * It is often seen that if a person wants to have a new meter or if someone’s electricity is damaged, the consumers are not able to come again – If a compulsory person offers them money then he works immediately – it is a way of corruption of WAPDA people to ask the director not to pay the money so much that he should bribe himself by force- Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special instructions have been taken by the Minister for Water and Power Umar Khan to rescue the WAPDA personnel from this cruelty.

 If you have any work related to WAPDA, go to the Ministry of Water and Power website at www.mowp.gov.pk and submit your complaints by going to the online complaints option.

To facilitate the public there are the following options available

  1. Bill complaints
  2. Complaint against WAPDA employees
  3. Change bad transformer
  4. Steal the power
  5. Bill
  6. Error in line
  7. New meter
  8. Low voltage
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. New connection bill
  11. Installation of the new transformer
  12. Do not come to the bill
  13. Bad meter change
  14. Frequent trips
  15. without schedule load shedding
  16. Violation of load shedding schedule
  17. Violation of power saving measures

Each of you must have any of these problems – So just file your complaint.

Do not bribe a rupee to a WAPDA official – they are paid for heavy salaries and free electricity work – If you force someone, then file a complaint again.

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