Poem rain

Poem Rain


One Day You told me
Let’s make our happiness in our un-eternal life

You said you love to dancing with me under the rain…
Why then
Whenever rain falls
You Hide under the roof?

You said you love to sit side by side
On the garden bench
Under the gloomy garden lamps..
Why then
Whenever the rain falls
You Hide so slumbered in your sweet blanket?

At certain moment i realized…
My happiness is not your responsibilities
Soon, i tried to wake up myself
From a sweet day dream.

I run like a crazy
Scream to the whole world
On bare feet
‘I wanna dance, under the rain.
Please don’t stop me’
Let my toes wet n dirty
As no one see how much happiness
I can take over the rain.

By Mylea_angeli

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