Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Programme


The thought behind Ehsaas program is Rayast e Madina. It is a concept where the state takes the responsibility of their weaker section. And the elites system of Paksitan, which has hijacked the country and take all privileges, our system is opposite to that i.e. the state takes the responsibility of its people from humble background.

This system includes as well health – the health card that we have introduced (inshAllah this will be with every Pakistani) this card will support anyone belonging to a poor family by giving insurance worth 7,20,000. This is a huge protection for a poor sector because we have seen that whenever someone gets sick, it drags the whole household towards poverty Another initiative that we took is of “Langer” (Soup Kitchen).

Whenever nations face hard time, for example Europe, they open Soup Kitchens. So until the time we move out of this tough phase, we will make sure that no one sleep on an empty stomach. Along with this we will be starting a new program of “Grocery” (Rashan). We will provide poor families with basic necessities such as Oil, Flour, Pulses & Sugar. The only reason in the delay is because we want to make sure that people don’t misuse this.

In Past we have learned that under BIPS program the aid was being given to the wrong people. We are working on a more accurate date so the right people should be reached. Again I would like to Congratulate Dr. Sania on making such a great program. Never in the history of Pakistan such an initiative has been taken which works on every level to uplift the poorest in the society.

Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Tariq Banuri has said that Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program will give 200,000 scholarships in four years to low-income families. He said “Ehsaas Scholarship” is the largest undergraduate scholarship program and would assist high-achievers from low-income families.

The Ehsaas Scholarship was a major initiative to enhance access to higher education as the government wanted to ensure that no student was deprived of education because of financial needs, he added. He said, 50 percent scholarships had been reserved for female students and the students with special needs and from remote areas were especially encouraged to apply.

The chairman assured that the eligibility criteria for students including admission on merit at any public sector university and with family income below poverty threshold. Replaying to a question, he said in past, attention was focused on the degree but not on quality of education, due to which, people did not get jobs.


  • It is a paradigm shift in a policy of the Government of Pakistan to support undergraduate level students who after completing FA/FSc. / Intermediate are unable to pursue university education due to limited financial resources. Unlike past financial assistance schemes that were aimed at MS or PhD programs, the Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship Project focuses on the most critical segment, namely the 4-year undergraduate programs, which contributes the most to income potential.
  • It is one of the size-able project funding under Government of Pakistan’s Ehsaas social safety net program which aims to provide 50,000 undergraduate scholarships with an average budget of Rs.6 billion annually. Over a period of next four to five years these scholarships will be increased with a target beneficiaries around 200,000.
  • Scholarship gives covers tuition fee and stipend throughout four-five years of degree duration.
  • It is a significant step to ensure affordable higher education in all major fields of education including agriculture, arts and humanities, business education, engineering, medical, physical sciences, and social sciences.
  • The project aims to support female education therefore 50% of scholarships are reserved for the females in the overall Project’s target.
  • To encourage physically challenged students, 2% of the scholarships are reserved for them.
  • It is vibrant program which will facilitate creation of the competent workforce thus enhancing employ-ability factors in youth.
  • It foresees to create drive for education among those students who have discontinued studies due to limited financial issues.
  • By targeting most vulnerable segment of young population through this initiative, poorer households would be enabled to come out of poverty, which in a long run expected to have positive impact on individuals, their families and the community.


  • Students who are currently enrolled in Undergraduate degree programs.
  • Candidates who have secured admission on merit; Merit means that the student has fulfilled admission criteria  of the respective university in which he/she intends to study.
  • Age limit will be followed as per university regulations i.e. maximum age under which an applicant is allowed to take admission for offered Undergraduate programs at the university.
  • Students already availing any other scholarship or grant are ineligible.
  • Students who have secured admission on Self-sustain/Self- support/Self finance evening programs are ineligible.
  • Distant learning students are ineligible.


All students are required to apply through following HEC Online Application System:

Last Date of Online Application Submission is 10th December, 2019


  • All students are required to apply through online system.
  • The applications of all potential candidates will be reviewed by the scrutiny committee and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) at the University/Institution. The committee will be headed by the Vice Chancellor/Head of Institution of the institution, along with members from the Institution as well as external members. This is done to ensure impartiality and transparency.
  • The ISAC will recommend potential candidates to HEC.
  • After finalization of awardees’ list, scholarship award letters will be issued and payment will be processed for the selected students.
  • Subsequent scholarship installment for the remaining years will be released subject to the satisfactory academic performance of the awardee.


The Program covers funds for the following expenses:

  • Tuition fee as per actual
  • Annual Stipend


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