levelup exercises

Types of level-up exercises


I realized exercises for weight losing, consuming fat and building muscle from significant stretches, and the significance of these activities in accomplishing these objectives prompted an expansion in the quantity of those coming to them, which attracted the consideration of numerous pros this field to them, and pushed them to grow new kinds of weight practices worked in focusing on Specific territories of the muscle, and these activities are following.


Wide exercise:

This activity centers around the chest muscle, through: 

  • Stretch the body with the chest highlighted the floor, hold the body to the closures of the feet and rest the hands. 
  • Push the body somewhat upward while keeping the arms twisted without completely straightening them. 
  • Lower descending without contacting the ground, with reiteration.


Alexia Dellner. “T-Push Ups” Women’s Health

The focal point of this activity stretches out to most of the body’s muscles, by: 

  • Playing out the typical weight position, which was clarified beforehand. 
  • Completely expand the two arms, with one arm raised to the upper back, until the body turns into a T-formed body. 
  • Come back to the ordinary weight position.





One leg push up

This activity permits you to concentrate on the end of the cell body, by:

  • Taking the typical weight position.
  • Lift one leg up, with the goal that they are not grounded or contacting the ground.
  • Push the arms up and holding for a couple of moments, at that point come back to the main position and keep the leg raised, with reiteration as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • Lower the raised leg while raising the other leg, and rehash the activity

One-arm pressure work out

This activity helps in building up the strong limit of the arms, by:

  • Take the ordinary weight position.
  • Lift one of the arms off the ground and secure it to the back, with the body staying on one arm.
  • Push the body up, and lower it back on one arm a few times
  • Rehash the activity on the other arm.

Push toes work out

This activity assists with expanding the strong limit of the hands, fingers and triceps, by:

  • Take the ordinary weight position.
  • Moving the heaviness of the body from the palm of the hands to the fingertips.
  • Push the body here and there, while keeping the fingers still.


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