Value Of Uniform


School uniforms are believed to be a practice which dates to the 16th century, since then it symbolizes consistency and discipline. It is believed that the Christ Hospital School in London in 1552 was the first school to use a school uniform. A uniform prescribed by the institute confirms its identity, hides the parental background of the child and develops a sense of oneness without any discrimination.

Healthy development of a student requires a positive atmosphere, cooperative attitude of class fellows, and above all an indiscriminate surroundings. Same uniforms can easily ensure an equivalent standard of dressing for all students. This makes for a simple elimination of discrimination and disparities between students.

Wearing a uniform makes students feel that they all are equal.  Due to their dressing, the distinction cannot be seen in their status. Each student feels the same because of the uniform, and there is no space for anyone to wear better clothes than the other. Wearing a uniform affects the mind of students and they feel accountable and sustain order. Uniform promotes equality, sense of belonging and pride among students and also provides identity to the students.

Professionalism is very important especially when our younger generation has to enter into a corporate world. In the business world, there is no uniform, but wearing a uniform helps students be well-mannered. Uniforms are really helpful and effective in order to prepare students for future careers. Wearing a uniform helps students to focus more on learning than on fashion and non-productive tasks. One of the key reasons is that everyone wears the same uniform so students are not concerned about what people wear.

One of the major reasons for bullying in an educational institution is clothes. Some students cannot afford expensive clothes and become a victim of harassment. The idea of the uniform promotes acceptance and less social pressure among campuses. It provides a healthier learning environment. Having a uniform helps to concentrate on studies and improves the quality of education. It is easy for every parent from any background to get the uniform for their child. It’s a smart way to support parents as it is cost-saving.

Some people might argue that you’re denying the sense of independence of a student by wearing a uniform so why do clothes mean you can’t be an individual? Why do the clothes you wear have such an effect on your individuality? So, my stance on this is, that uniform gives you freedom to express your individuality in every way without being judged by what you wear. It becomes clear for knowledge seekers that universities are not fashion centers but nurturing hubs where uniforms make you concentrate on the noble cause of acquiring knowledge.

Wear a uniform and feel smarter!

Article By Alvina Bangash

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